A 12 track leftfield/idm album (1h 8m 52s) — released April 6th 2009 on Slowfoot Records

Slowfoot Records are proud to present the follow up to Robert Logan's acclaimed debut album "Cognessence". For his second album "Inscape" Logan brings us deeper into dark and brooding soundscapes, effortlessly conjured from an eclectic range of acoustic and electronic sources. Central to the album is the experience of stumbling on an abandoned factory that was becoming engulfed by forest in Hungary. This duel between nature and culture is played out in the tensions he sets up in his music, between the transcendent and the earthbound, the immense and the miniature. The journey begins with "Angels and Insects", encapsulating the tensions of duality, its counterpart is the penultimate track "Inscape" which moves restlessly in search of its key centre - as if it were nearly impossible to express or even locate where our own 'Inscape' - our true identity or essence might lie. Between these ambitious poles the black humour of "Accurate Spit Boy" pulls us back into the absurdity of the everyday, "Ultraflux" is an urban walkabout through grit and grime. The closing track "Jehova Rapha" suggests that the after-image of our struggle to make sense of the times we live in, might indeed prove to be some sort of epiphany after all. At just 21 years of age, Logan is a precocious talent. Championed last year by Mary-Anne Hobbs (who has been playing tracks from the new album on her BBC show), Logan's recent CV includes opening for Grace Jones at Massive Attack's Meltdown, co-writing the score for the Oscar winning documentary feature, "Taxi to the Darkside" and ongoing collaborations with the likes of Skye (Morcheeba), Snorkel and Brian Eno.

Robert Logan's music is assured, airbrushed, solidly built and cockily inclusive, gathering Old Skool rhythmic science, technoid shivers and Gothic interludes into its inky, brooding embrace... ...periodically reminiscent of 'intelligent drum'n'bass' landmarks like Photek's 'Modus Operandi - The Wire

Inscape is a technically impressive piece of work, and a treat for all sets of ears that pine after flamboyant, intricate electronica. - Boomkat

With his debut album, Robert Logan had set the bar rather high, but he effortlessly surpasses it with this second effort... ...With Inscape, Logan has delivered one of the strongest records of the year so far." - 4.7/5 - Milk Factory

Logan’s is a career that I will be watching with interest as a man with this much skill and talent is set for very big things. -

Those familiar with Robert Logan’s work will know what a pioneering force he is on the electronic music scene: he makes dark, resonating electronic compositions suited to the abandoned areas of dank cities, the hazy glow of bedrooms in streetlight, and the darkest part of the uncertain subconscious... ...BBC Online said of Logan that he is “…something of a prodigy… a man that is already showing a maturity and a musical/textural understanding that many simply never find.” And frankly, I couldn’t agree more. - Buzzin Electronic Music

At times Logan's drumwork recalls the finer moments of modern day, studio heavy Massive Attack but it's his knack of infusing the manic into his music without making it a mess that is one of his strongest attributes - Rock A Rolla

Logan’s first album Cognessence was described as “the essential last word in electronic soundscapes” but I would say that Inscape is the essential first word in electronic soundscapes as he’s ripped up the rule book with this one and started again. - Fly Global

...Robert Logan keeps his creations on a tight leash, though; it's all choreographed scissor-kicks, controlled texture-bleeding, with a dexterity of sound design beyond the brutalism of the cut-and-shut splice-and-dice merchants of mentalism... - Igloo Magazine

Logan’s music is strong enough to standout on its own - Headphone Commute

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